Welcome to the Warwick Knights

We are a social and competitive Touch for men and women of all abilities. We play twice a week, on Saturdays at St Nicholas Park in Warwick from 10-12, and Mondays from 6.30pm until 8pm at Old Leamingtonians Rugby Club. Newcomers are always welcome.

Warwick Touch is a social and competitive touch club.

We play at the Old Leamingtonians Rugby Club, near Leamington on Monday evenings all year around. We start at 6pm with a warm-up and skills, followed by fun, social games.

We play from 10am until midday every Saturday (unless notified otherwise) in St Nicholas Park in Warwick, next to the astros.

Newcomers are always welcome.

The club supports social and competitive Touch for men and women of all abilities.

Feel free to follow us on Facebook, or get in touch with us via Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Warwick Knights

  1. Doug Watt


    I’ve just moved down to Leamington area and am looking to join a touch rugby club. I have played full contact rugby as a Lock and a lot of touch rugby over the years in Aberdeen, Scotland.

    Can I just show up to train one night?

    If someone could email me that would be much appreciated!



  2. Megan

    Hi, I use to play contact but at beginning of year I had some medical issues having suffered a brain haemorrhage and stroke and want to ease myself into touch as an alternative, is it all year round?! And if so what’s the best days, times to come?! Are there other ladies that play too?! 🙂 Thanks

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